Stylized Pool Shoot

For some time I had the vision of having a couple do a shoot in a pool. Not a lake, but specifically an outdoor pool. So this summer I knew we had to get it out of our minds and into reality.

There was plenty of planning. Luckily, we have friends with a great looking pool that trusted us enough to us theirs. (Thank you Short's Family!) We found models that would be comfortable enough with the water concept (sorry, they are not a real couple) and that could pose romantically without being creeped out. (Great work Ben and Justine!) After that, we purchased the outfits that were going to be submerged in water. The dress was ordered online from Lulu's and the suit pieces came mostly from H&M. The flowers were fake (i know) and were purchased from Hobby Lobby. The hat belongs to me (and you'll see it more of my photos) and I added some of the flowers pieces onto it. It was our first time tieing a bowtie, so please do not judge to harshly. Hair, Underwater Makeup, Support, Styling help, and Catering by the wonderful Crystal Villatoro!

The sun setting added so much to the photos. We started with solo shots, and then moved to couples' shots and then slowly crept into the pool. I had also rented an underwater housing for my canon 5d mk3. The video guys opted out of paying for the expensive housing and rather went with an online hack of using a fish tank, and IT WORKED!

We dunked in multple times and had the shutter snapping fast. It was my first time doing this and found out that I needed to have someone hold me down so that I wouldn't start floating all over the place. The editing process was also interesting because of the blue cast from the pool, but I like what we got, actually I love what we got and was super happy with what we got. -chino

Models: Ben Helfert, Justine Nitzke
MUAH: Crystal Villatoro
Video: Agustin "Gabe" Hernandez, Jacob Durbin
Pool: Debbi and Stu Short
Clothing: H&M, Lulu's Fashion Lounge, All Saints, Calvin Klein
Flowers: Hobby Lobby